Olympics and Terrorism

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With the 2010 Olympics coming to Vancouver in a year’s time, does anyone think that there will be a terrorist strike here so close to the USA?

9 thoughts on “Olympics and Terrorism

  1. I wouldn’t think so. Nothing happened in China and Canada has always been friendly with everyone. Looking forward to the Vancouver Olympics and can’t wait for London.

  2. I would think the proximity has a lot to do with it and the fact that Canada decided to jump into this war that USA declared on Iraq. China hasn’t been attacking Iraq.

  3. And we are in Afghanistan…I don’t think we are as safe from terrorism as some might think.

  4. They’ll leave nothing to chance and really amplify security. So no, I’m guessing there will be no terrorist incident at the 2010 Winter O.

  5. That’s interesting, I hadn’t even really thought about it. Personally, I don’t think the proximity will increase the chance for attack, and I think if China was OK, Vancouver will be too.

  6. Now that a simple fire has taken away one of the major bridges that commuters use (over 80,000 a day) it has made the leaders wonder if one bridge was this easy to destroy, who’s to say that someone or some people decide to take them all out? You’d be up a creek without the proverbial paddle

  7. I think Olympics are a community which connecting any county, color, or language but Terrorism are dividing any county, color, or language.

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