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The church now provides an opportunity to chat with missionaries (at the MTC?) online. They answer questions about the church and the content of the website.

Use this feature to speak with a missionary online. Enter the information below to begin your session. A missionary from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will greet you and answer any questions that you may have relating to the content of this Web site.

Chat live.

6 thoughts on “ – Chat Live

  1. I had a chat with a couple of the missionaries. It’s a neat feature. You can read the dialogue of it at my website. The conversation I had with Bryce was the best I think.

  2. Chatting with the missionaries is a up building experience. Glad they finally added it!

  3. I have been in the Church for 30 years! One Bishop told me that we don’t have to pay tithing on Social Security, the next Bishop said that we pay tithing on one half of it. I say pay tithing on the whole of it! Is this right?

  4. I wish my bishop told me I don’t have to pay tithing on my retirement annuity. You know what? I’d still pay it. The law of tithing is 10% of your increase. Every time I receive an annuity check it’s money I didn’t have before, and that makes it an increase. It’s strange, but I get less than half of my pay when I was working, but, when I pay tithing, I can make ends meet. The Lord blesses those who keep the law of tithing and don’t expect anything in return. Tithing is a very ancient law and was never repealed. The Lord takes such good care of us. All He expects of us is to give Him a small percentage of our increase (10%) I don’t believe that is too much to ask.

  5. Just readed on the website.. dont listen to what the government or the tv or other people tell you, make up your own mind. And then… but we want you to think in this way and our way you must follow! Uhmm what?? How hypocrite.

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