Chapel as a Sanctuary

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Christian friends of mine who aren’t Mormon often refer to what we call “chapel” in our meetinghouses as “sanctuary“.

I was thinking about this today because of something I overheard at church. “Sanctuary” is often defined as “a place of refuge or asylum”, and this is often how the media portrays such central parts of churches (picture someone entering a church, lighting a candle, and kneeling in prayer at a pew). People come to chapels for peace and guidance.

I wonder though why our chapels aren’t the same way. I understand we have prayers in our own homes, but I would assume other Christians do as well. Or maybe we view our temples as our sanctuaries, and so our chapels serve as simple meetingplaces.

Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Chapel as a Sanctuary

  1. “I wonder though why our chapels aren’t the same way.”

    Maybe it’s the basketball court… ;)

  2. Given the language I’ve heard during church b-ball games, I’m surprised anyone feels safe in the building…

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