Are the Spirit World and the Premortal Existence the same place?

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I’ve heard some people describe their deceased loved ones interacting with their yet-to-be-born loved ones. This made me wonder if this is a wide spread belief in the church.

Do you believe the Spirit World and Premortal Existence are the same thing?

10 thoughts on “Are the Spirit World and the Premortal Existence the same place?

  1. There may be a connection.

    I heard a story, years ago, about a young child who could still remember knowing his grandfather before he was born and who said that his grandfather had taught him about things like obeying his parents. The story was presented in a way that made it seem plausible, and I believed it when I heard it.

  2. I don’t think it is the same thing.. but I believe that once someone has died that they have a connection with those in their family that has yet to come down

  3. Interesting,

    I have never really thought of this before. My first reaction was why couldn’t they be the same but then I wondered it there is some kind of assignment made based on our righteousness.

    I don’t know. Are there any scriptures that shed light on this question?

  4. I believe that our deceased love ones interact with us and they have a connection of ‘Dreams’ with us.
    The ‘Yet to born’ idea is not looking accurate.
    There are many habits which are by birth, and it’s inherited from parents.

  5. Unless you don’t believe in the degrees of glory in the hereafter, the pre-mortal existence can’t be the sam emeplace since it’d have to be three places, no?

  6. Well, the Spirit World is a location prior to resurrection and final judgement and thus before the final degrees of glory. It’s where spirits go after death and before being reunited with bodies at the resurrection.

  7. Oh, the ‘foyer’ to greater glory, then?

    “Kim and Mary, if you’d just like to take the stairs up to the top floor,please. Oh, and Rick – take the stairs down to your left.” :)

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