Earth Hour

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What benefits, if any, are there from particpating in Earth Hour?

6 thoughts on “Earth Hour

  1. Benefits?

    Well, for some reason, my kids loved it! They didn’t want to turn back on the lights and have a new appreciation for candles. They liked the time we spent together. That’s benefit enough for me.

  2. I think the one amazing benefit is that it shuts up old man Suzuki for at least a month.

    Practical benefits? Zero.

  3. I totally agree with Rick. Not that this is environmental fanaticism but I think it is the environmental fanatics that hurt the progress towards a more responsible ownership of this planet more than they help. Dr. Suzuki being the poster child. I like the move towards making our planet run smarter. It is the practical answers that we miss out on. Turning our lights off for a hour sure brings awareness but unless that awareness sparks an intelligent discussion leading to an actual sustainable change I am not sure that it does any practical good.

  4. Well, what I would do is turn off anything that I am not using such as lights…etc, plus, I would try not to use toxins and chemicals like hairspray, etc. I think I would also ride the bus or carpool

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