What I liked about being a Primary teacher

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The first calling I ever had in which I felt I had anything to do was teaching the CTR B (now CTR 8) class right before my mission. Here are the things I liked about it.

1. Playing tag in the classroom when the class was done early.

2. I got to decide if we had class on the floor.

3. I was the lowest voice during singing time.

4. The children would get excited when I tried to touch the ceiling with my head during “Do As I’m Doing”.

5. I received a tonne of letters on my mission from the Primary children.

6. Most of the female teachers were close to my age. ;)

7. Free food at Inservice.

8. Seeing my class all get baptized before I left.

9. Class members spontaneously sitting on my lap.

10. Reviewing gospel basics before my mission.

8 thoughts on “What I liked about being a Primary teacher

  1. Playing games like “Spiritual” word searches every week as a closer.
    I f I didn’t have time to prepare for class that week, I was able to wing it without a problem.

  2. And as I said in another post – seeing them all grow up, as my class of 5 eight year old girls are all seniors in high school this year and will be off to college in a few months.

  3. and as a member of the presidency at the same time I know that the other teachers learnt from you as well and how many parents of the children you taught came up to us after you left saying how unhappy the children were with their new teachers :)

  4. were we in White Rock building still or in Surrey already? Do you remember who the PP was? Cause I was already in the presidency when we came into the building here and helped get it ready

  5. We were still meeting in White Rock. I don’t remember everyone in the presidency, but Susan Terry was one.

    Either way, it’s nice that people felt that way about me.

  6. hmm Sharissa was the PP when I was there .. I remember Sue but can’t remember if I just remember her or if it is because I worked with her.. too many years ago :(

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