Consecration Isn’t Just About the Poor

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In my last Gospel Doctrine lesson, the class and I discussed the Law of Consecration. I’ve been thinking about that conversation lately, and I noticed a common thread among the comments: people seem to look at the Law of Consecration as a means to help the poor.

I don’t see it that way.

I look at the Law of Consecration as a equalization measure. It not only ensures no one has not enough, but that no one has too much. Everyone has the same amount, and everyone gives the same amount.

It’s not just about teaching us love as we give to the poor, it teaches us selflessness as we sacrifice our excess.

It isn’t just about altruism.

2 thoughts on “Consecration Isn’t Just About the Poor

  1. If you have a little consciousness you can use it and common sense may help you resolve many doctrine problems. Thinking is what we can do.

  2. Good observations, Kim.

    I would say, though, that the Law of Consecration probably demands more of the rich than the poor, more of the strong than the weak, more of the learned than the unlearned. Those are the people who can probably expect to give more than they receive in a consecration society. They need to develop the kind of character that keeps on contributing with a full and willing heart, even when there is no expectation that they will enrich themselves or even that they will receive anything equal to what they give.

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