What I liked about being an elders quorum president

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1. Knowing each quorum member by name.
2. Doing the monthly newsletter

3. See one of our prospective elders become an elder.

4. Seeing two of my counsellors become president

5. Eating lots of food at the church’s expense

6. Seeing people coming back out to church

7. Being one of the first on the new FamilySearch

8. Building up karma by helping others move

8 thoughts on “What I liked about being an elders quorum president

  1. I blew my back out as EQP. I guess the bishop thought that qualified me to be a High Priest because i was called as his councilor.

    EQP was my favorite calling.

  2. “I always enjoyed putting the slackers on a guilt trip for not doing their home teaching”

    …and I’m sure they loved you for it.

  3. I am so glad I never did a guilt trip in the last 4 years I was EQP. I’m also glad I was able to convince my priesthood leaders why I wasn’t.

  4. I loved doing stuff with quorum members — helping people move, going to the temple, hanging out for ice cream after conference, whatever.

    My favorite calling has to have been Scoutmaster though. I was released today and am not sure quite how to feel.

  5. My quorum is pretty small (6 members) and so we are pretty tight. I enjoy all the Menrichments we do, and helping people move is okay. I have a few guys who are getting involved again because of the activities and one perspective Elder who is on his way to being an Elder. I remember him as a youth when he left the church. He got married and the wife stayed with his family while he fulfilled his military responsibilities. She joined and brought him back. He is a great kid, and they are a great family to have.

    My favorite calling is a tie between Adult Sunday School teacher or youth sst. I would go back to one of those callings in an instant.

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