Swine Flu is no big deal

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Get this.

Remember all those reports that over 150 people have died of Swine Flu (sorry, H1N1 flu). According to a WHO official yesterday, they’re all a lie.

There have been 7 deaths. Yep. Just 7.

In other news, 13,000 people died so far this year from the regular flu. In the United States alone. Worldwide, annual deaths can climb as high as half a million.

Maybe I won’t be buying a face mask after all.

9 thoughts on “Swine Flu is no big deal

  1. H1N1!!!!!!

    Some of us make a living from pigs (you might be a redneck).

    Remember, facemasks only protect others from you, not you from others.

  2. Won’t a face mask prevent certain droplets and particles from reaching the wearer’s nose and mouth, just as it will prevent certain droplets and particles from escaping the wearer’s nose and mouth?

  3. Most of what a standard facemask does, like the ones you see in the news, is protect your droplets from reaching others. Their is minor protection otherwise, but you would be better served with good handwashing techniques. I would guess most infections come from indirect contact with sensitive areas (like mouth and nose) rather than a direct approach. Anotherwords, you touch contaminated surface and then touch your nose or mouth, or something that will go into your mouth (like food).

  4. That article about 150 deaths being a lie is new to me, but I have been thinking the same thing about the danger of H1N1 as compared to regular flu. The CDC says 20-30 THOUSAND people die from regular flu per year in the US alone. That sounds a lot more dangerous than 150 worldwide.

  5. i guess Kim is having a good laugh watching the rest of the world gear up for a full scale pandemic while she relaxes content in the knowledge that no one is really dying, and that it is all one big hoax.

  6. i agree. the swine flu is no big deal and everyone is making a HUGE fuss about it.
    people need to get their facts straight.

    first they scared us with the bird flu, now they’re scaring us with the swine flu.

    i most certainley wont get a facemask or a vaccination

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