My ethnic heritage chart

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My ethnic heritage

Above is my cultural heritage: paternal on the left and maternal on the right.

Cr = Cree

Cz = Czech

D = Dutch

E = English

F = French

G = German

Sc = Scottish

I have a little Spanish in there that goes way back, and I may have Danish but have been unable to confirm that yet.

17 thoughts on “My ethnic heritage chart

  1. I’ve been doing a little research about historical food lately, and I find that the food we eat often represents how we interpret the priority of different elements of our heritage. So what sorts of ethnic foods do you eat on holidays?

  2. St. Patrick’s Day: corned beef, cabbage, and soda bread.

    Candelmas/Imbolc: crepes; colcannon, sausage, and salad

    Sinterklass: roast, cabbage, mashed potatoes, pea soup, carrots

  3. Curry goat, curry chicken, bammy, stew beef soup, rice and peas, carrot juice, jerk chicken, steamed fish, stew fish, roast fish, roast corn, crayfish, crabs now I’m home sick and hungry.
    That was not funny Brock

  4. Anytime we fix something with duct tape, wear shorts in the snow, enjoy a check on the ice, or reminisce about the giant hoe – aren’t we all Canadian?

  5. Well, I did mention crêpes on Candlemas, but good point. I do eat tourtières at Christmas. I can’t think of other French foods I eat on holidays.

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