From the Archives: Definition of Sin

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Please allow me to introduce a new, weekly feature at Our Thoughts: From the Archives.

Our Thoughts is the longest-running group blog in the Bloggernacle, so we have a lot of posts. Many of them have few or no comments.

Each week, we will pull one of our old posts that has no or few comments and feature it. This will allow our readers to participate in topics they may not have seen before.

To start things off, please visit Definition of Sin, a four-year old post questioning the commonly held notion that sin is willfull disobedience. Please comment there.

5 thoughts on “From the Archives: Definition of Sin

  1. I like your idea of re-showing older posts that didn’t receive any comments. Hopefully it will be successful. I’m off to that page now.

  2. Sin means willful disobedience? So if somebody does a thing which he knows that is wrong, is it called a sin? I don’t agree.

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