O, for the good ol?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ days

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I miss my old elders quorum lessons.

There. I said it.

9 thoughts on “O, for the good ol?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ days

  1. I felt like I contributed; I felt like lessons had been prepared; I felt like we weren’t just reading from the manual.

  2. is that what you think is happening now? Our Sunday School instructor who also was our Stake Patriarch was released this past Sunday as they are moving to a different ward/stake. Which makes me very sad. I never studied scriptures or been more aware then with him as the teacher. Not one Sunday went by that I did not say on the way home I don’t remember reading that before??? Are you asking lots of questions from the instructor? Maybe it;s his first time and he hasn’t been prepared properly. Perhaps he is nervous?

  3. well why don’t you liven it up with some thought provoking comments?

  4. As long as stake presidencies treat elders quorum presidents as home teaching nags, the quality of quorum lessons will suffer in general.

    It takes a certain EQP who can see beyond the stake presidents expectations and work a quorum to its full potential.

    Like you, I get tired of it as well. But now that I have Suduko on my blackberry, that 40 min isn’t so boring.

  5. Not that you were accusing me of being so, but I just wanted to say that I wasn’t a home teaching hack. I knew there was more to priesthood responsibility than the formal home teaching programme.

    That being said, I’m not sure how successful I was at working the quorum to their full potential. I like to think I made a difference somehow in my four years, but only my brethren can verify whether I actually did.

  6. Thing is, your success didn’t depend on their success. Your success only depends on how hard you tried.

    Since all quorum members are free agents, they will be responsible for their own successes and failures. If you tried to magnify, you were successful.

    I’d say the fact that you miss the old elders quorum lessons speaks volumes.

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