Do we care what our children think of our actions?

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Over at BCC, Kathryn Lynard Soper posted about giving to beggars, which then spawned this comment by Melissa Y.:

Many times I have yelled outside to my children (in not the kindest tone) and then cringed to think that the neighbors might have heard. My children always hear, though, and somehow I don’t cringe then.

I found this comment very inspiring.

How often are we concerned with what others think of our actions, but we do not consider what our children think of our actions, particularly those directed at them?

3 thoughts on “Do we care what our children think of our actions?

  1. Well, your kids spend a lot of time with you, and they realize you’re not always grouchy. It could be that you yelling at your kids is the only thing your neighbors see of you for the week.

  2. I believe we should absolutely be aware of how young people view our actions. After all, we’re the ones they learn from. But I do see the conflict. If we give too much thought to what everyone else thinks of us, then we would end up too mindful of every step we take, which is no way to live.

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