I Stand All Amazed

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Our Sacrament hymn today was “I Stand All Amazed.”

It’s not one of my favourite hymns; I don’t find the melody catch, nor do I find the lyrics poetic. Nevertheless, it often touches me; it rather than enlightening my mind, it often pierces my heart.

Today, I noticed at the top of the page in the hymnal, it suggests singing the hymn thoughtfully. I tried to do just that today. A few thing stuck out to me.

At times, I do seem confused at how unconditionally Jesus extends his grace to me despite my ongoing effort to conduct myself in a way that distances me from the Spirit. I do marvel that he rescues a soul so rebellious and proud as mine.

I doubt I praise and adore at the mercy seat. I doubt I sing of his goodness and mercy.

Thinking about this hymn while singing it really underscored how far I still have to go.

One thought on “I Stand All Amazed

  1. huh…..food for thought as most of your comments usually are…will make me think more of the songs we sing next week instead of spending the time multitasking in my seat

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