Why it’s a good thing I am no longer elders quorum president

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I had an experience today in elders quorum that confirmed not only was it right for me to no longer be elders quorum president, but that the person who replaced me was the right person for the job.

We meet for elders quorum on the stage. In December, this means a week or two when decorations for the ward parties remain on the stage because no one wants to put them away. This used to frustrate me every year. Mostly because I was the one who had to move them out of the way to make room for the chairs, table, and chalkboard.

Sure enough, when we walked on the stage for our quorum meeting this afternoon, there was the Christmas tree and rocking chair. Again, I rolled my eyes in exasperation, but I was glad it wasn’t me who had to move everything.

But our quorum president surprised me.

He plugged in the tree, and turned on the lights. He had arranged the chairs in a semi-cirlce (there were only 6 of us; many stayed home because of this weekend’s blizzard) around the tree, and pulled up the rocking chair to the front of the class and beside the tree.

It was a really festive, cozy touch, and I think it really made a difference. It certainly was a participative class.

Some people complain and grumble; others make lemonade.

11 thoughts on “Why it’s a good thing I am no longer elders quorum president

  1. Yes, I also would have been too utilitarian to recognize the potential of the annoying tree and rocking chair. Excellent story.

  2. That sounds great. I tried a circle the first week I taught Elders Quorum, but with roughly 40 Elders, it really didn’t work so well.

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