Utah St. George Mission

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Ever since the Church announced last week that it would be amalgamating several missions around the world, the Bloggernacle lit up with several discussions regarding former missionaries of those missions losing their mission.

My mission is one of the affected ones. In my case, however, my mission is being split. Geographically, at least three-quarters of it is being turned into the Utah St. George Mission. Granted, my mission already lost pieces to the Nevada Las Vegas Mission and the New Mexico Farmington Mission.

It looks like four of my areas (Kanab, Wellington, Pleasant Grove, and Provo) will remain in the UPM, while Kanab (my third area) will be in the USGM. Mesquite, my fifth area, transferred to the NLVM several years ago.

Apparently, the UPM had the highest number of stakes of any mission in the world.

I wonder if this is one more step to creating a St. George Temple Mission.

5 thoughts on “Utah St. George Mission

  1. When were you in Kanab? Did you ever talk in the 3rd ward? The Kanab stake had over 10 baptisms last year and I believe the Kanab Kaibab stake had twice that many. That’s quite a bit for this area.

  2. I was there in the summer of ’93. I don’t remember which wards I spoke in, but I wouldn’t doubt I spoke in that ward. When I was there, we covered both stakes.

  3. I believe 3rd Ward was on the north side of town, right? And 4th and 5th Wards? Oh, it has been so long. I served in over 100 wards over the span of my mission, and it’s hard to keep track. :)

  4. I don’t know what the configuration was when you were there, but yeah, at least in the mid ’80s, the third ward was the north side of town, which is where we lived.

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