Playing God: What Would You Do?

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Let’s say there is an opening at a company and two people are being considered.

The first is a woman. She has very little of the skills and experience they are asking for, but she has a university degree like the ad asked for, but not in the field requested. She is raising two small girls with her husband. She is recently graduated with a college diploma in an area related to the position, but previously spent 20 years as a teacher. This will be her first full-time job since graduating from the college a year ago (she has been doing freelance until now).

The second is a man. His skillset and experience are broad enough for the position qualifications, but maybe not deep enough. He has no university degree. He is raising four children with his wife. His has been working with the company in another department for over nearly 10 years, and does part of the duties the new position would be taking over. He is about 10 years younger than the first candidate, and he asked for $10,000 more per year in salary expectations (but it is the same amount the company pays him now).

You are God, and both candidates are praying to you, asking that they get the job.

Whom do you bless with the job?

9 thoughts on “Playing God: What Would You Do?

  1. I give it to the guy simply because he is with the company already and has done well so far.

    The rest of it doesn’t enter into it for me.

  2. I don’t “Bless” anyone with the job. I allow the agency of the chooser to make the choice and then console the broken heart of the applicant who was not chosen. In time, I show the loosing applicant other opportuinities they should apply for.

  3. Yeah, I was going to say that if I was God, I’d stay the hell out of it. ;)

  4. And the praying for victory is sports is ridiculously trivial, compared to this situation.

  5. One of the important differences between the two candidates is a university degree.

    I work in an institution of higher learning and my opinion of a university degree keeps declining. The more advanced the degree the greater the potential for stupidity, it seems.

    Lots of stupidity in universities.

  6. I destroy the hiring company with a powerful natural disaster of my choosing and let God sort it out. Wait, I am God. I destroy the hiring company with a powerful natural disaster of my choosing and send the mormons to help clean up with nifty t-shirts that say “mormon helping hands.” Then both applicants convert to the gospel (if they are still around after the massive natural disaster) after seeing how helpful those helping hands are, and they worry about higher things than finding a job.

    Situation handled.

  7. Actually, I am probably more along the lines of JM, if causing massive destruction of some sort is not an option… :)

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