Cardston Stake President Reported Alleged Ponzi Scheme

Cardston Resident Reported Alleged Ponzi Scheme – 94.1 The Lounge

A Cardston church leader may be the one to thank for tipping off authorities to an alleged 60-million dollar Ponzi Scheme. On Monday, the RCMP laid charges against three Alberta men in connection with the investment scheme an operation Tom Matkin complained to authorities about in 2004. Matkin, a lawyer and stake president at the Church of [Jesus Christ of] Latter-day Saints in Cardston, tells the Calgary Herald that about 150 town residents invested more than $1-million in HMS Financial. He says he notified the Alberta Securities Commission after hearing about an 85 year old Cardston woman losing $50,000. The three accused are to appear in Drumheller Provincial Court April 16th.

Predicting the New General Primary Presidency

James R. Matsumori has been called as a mission president in the Washington DC North Mission. Sister Matsumori is in the General Primary Presidency. As such, I predict a new presidency this weekend.

Any predictions?

I tired to research the last several presidencies to determine a pattern, but they all seemed to be called from the board, and I couldn’t find a list of board members anywhere.

David A. Bednar in Lethbridge

Elder David A. Bednar was in Lethbridge this weekend providing training to bishops and stake presidencies from the region. He also spoke to the general membership of the Lethbridge Alberta Stake this morning.

Here are a few things that stuck out to me. These are not direct quotes.

Conference talk topics are not assigned; although, the time alloted to the talks are. Any orchestration of common themes between talks is done in heaven. We determine the subjects of the talks by how we conduct ourselves. For example, if we are tired of hearing about tithing, we need to pay our tithing.

When listening to the conference talks, we should seek to identify the doctrine of the gospel, look for invitations to act, and look for the promised blessings.

He talked about the Apostasy, the Restoration, and the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times

Focusing on the gospel as being a celestial checklist discourages us from gathering all things together in one in Christ. Checking the boxes does not produce spiritual strength. In the War in Heaven, Lucifer didn’t lose; he rebelled. He called Lucifer’s rebellion the first something-for-nothing scam.

Agency is more than choosing; it is the power and capacity of independent action (see 2 Nephi 2). Agency is serving God and our fellow beings. Once we have made the baptismal covenant, we no longer have the choice to break the commandments. Parents need to teach children to exercise agency in the bounds the Lord has set; no force or coercion. Obedience is honouring the terms and conditions of the covenants

We should seek the companionship of Holy Ghost, exercise agency, and bless and serve others. We should not focus on running programs and worrying about numbers instead of peeople.

As we ponder Ephesians 1:10, we will have eyes to see what we’ve not seen, ears to hear what we’ve not heard, spiritual vitality, spiritual direction to give us added purpose, and spiritual protection.

Teens rally for sex education

Thanks to T&S for the link to a Salt Lake Tribune article about teens rallying in Salt Lake City for sex education. What I found most intriguing is that these teens are picketing with their parents, the very people who should be teaching them sex education.

If the parents aren’t doing their job, maybe they are the ones who need to take Sex Ed.