Predicting the New General Primary Presidency

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James R. Matsumori has been called as a mission president in the Washington DC North Mission. Sister Matsumori is in the General Primary Presidency. As such, I predict a new presidency this weekend.

Any predictions?

I tired to research the last several presidencies to determine a pattern, but they all seemed to be called from the board, and I couldn’t find a list of board members anywhere.

13 thoughts on “Predicting the New General Primary Presidency

    1. Funny thing is that I bet most people would raise their hands when my name was announced. They sure would do a double take when the camera zoomed in on my sitting in the presidency seats while wearing a suit.

  1. Ann Dibb is already in YW, so….someone ELSE related closely enough to President Monson to be overcompensated and under-qualified?

  2. You know your sister may be the Internet Search Queen but you sure are the Internet Search King!!! Where do you get all your info from??

  3. Unfortunately that number is unavailable since the financial records aren’t up for scrutiny. The GAs and church employees that I know are confident that it’s 6 figures at least.

    But my snarky opinion is that it could be a lot less and she’d still be overcompensated for what she brings to the position. My issue isn’t that these folks are compensated, (I’m fine with that, though I wish the info was public) it’s that her appointment was clearly based on her DNA and not her merit.

  4. I wouldn’t go so far as to say her merit didn’t play into her appointment at all. She and her husband founded and ran a child care business and developed a phonics-based reading system. Clearly, childhood development played an important role in her life.

  5. I guess I am quite naive because I was under the impression that general authorities were not compensated unless there was no way for them to support themselves. When do individuals start getting compensated for their positions? What is it that she does or doesn’t do that bugs you so much? It sounds like you have some experience that sours you. I really do not even know her or her abilities.

  6. I am pretty sure that being related to a prophet does not play into someone being called to a position. Last time I checked, it was done through prayer and by promptings of the Spirit. But I have been known to be wrong before..not often but at the rare time

  7. Compensation starts with pretty much anything above a stake president. For many positions, there is a formula followed based on what the person was earning before the accept the calling, so you can have two people with the same calling being compensated very differently. Other positions are just a flat rate. Being an apostle used to be extremely lucrative when they all had various paid positions to sit on the boards of various companies owned by (and some not owned by) the church. That has been significantly curtailed, but the curtailing came at the same time as an undisclosed bump in the flat rate.

    Again, it’s really hard to determine what’s going on because the numbers aren’t available. If headquarters were in Canada or the UK that wouldn’t fly and they’d legally have to disclose.

    J. Golden used stronger language than that occasionally to describe the rampant nepotism that existed. I actually think it was more justifiable in the past when there were fewer members. There doesn’t seem to be much excuse for it now.

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