12 things Mormon daters don’t understand

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We’ve nearly Mars-and-Venused ourselves to death.

Yet, for all the psychological, biological and Tiger Beat studies in the world, we still find ourselves throwing back our heads, begging to understand what makes the other gender tick.

But remember every time you sit around wondering “why does he/she do that?!” they could fire back with a litany of their own — and some of their curiosities might surprise you.

Found at Mormon Times.

3 thoughts on “12 things Mormon daters don’t understand

  1. I was surprised that a gal might date a guy several times and then he not acknowledge her in the ward as an acquaintance. That is so weird, I have a hard time imagining I would do anything other than drop such a guy.

    Are we really talking about some situation, where there weren’t several dates except for in her head, but only that they were in the same class at school, or shared some similar vaguely social context?


  2. Some of this was pretty funny because I have experienced it. The rest of it didn’t make sense to me. Maybe things have changed since I dated.

  3. Hi Kim! It’s Celibate JL, I’m back online. Thanks for the link. I checked it out. I didn’t find it very funny either. It seemed like two lists of insults from one gender to the other. I don’t think not getting it is a generational thing. Maybe you have to live in Utah? Or, maybe I’m getting too old too.

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