Would you like to be in a movie about polygamy?

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Looks like Sony Pictures movie “The 19th Wife” will be filmed in the Calgary, Alberta area. If you’re interested in being an extra, there is a casting call on May 26 at Eau Claire Market.

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2 thoughts on “Would you like to be in a movie about polygamy?

  1. Whether or not someone agrees with polygamy, how cool would that be to get to be a part of making a movie. Even being an extra would be a fun thing to look back on and think, “I was an extra in a movie once!”

  2. I was an extra in Legacy – the church movie they used to show in that fancy theatre off temple square. Always fun bringing that up.

    19th wife was an okay book, but with a little too much going on and the mystery portion was weak. The writing was great though.

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