My ward is going to be translated for this…

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This week our Relief Society lesson was combined with the Young Women in the ward. On the table stood three large, framed photographs of our three recently graduated Laurels. Next to those were three identical stacks of books, each tied with a ribbon. On the side table were many platters of sliced sweet breads ready to be served. Ladies, welcome to the awesomeness that is Relief Society.

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2 thoughts on “My ward is going to be translated for this…

  1. I am of two opinions when I read this post. One is great some some creative Relief Society sister. The other is revulsion and horror.

    My objections would be that all the flash and the glitz might be confused for what is more important and essential. How much time does it require this sister to take away from her family? Does it create unrealistic expectations for other sisters to follow? It goes counter to recent counsel to simplify. Shouldn’t we focus on good doctrine and teaching style instead? Such Martha Stewartesqe displays of style often fuel the flames of perfectionism among the Saints. I have often been baffled as to why anyone things a tablecloth makes a poor lesson better or the more handouts the better. Why does every LDS activity have to include food. Many of us are already overweight and overfed as it is? Is food a bribe for attending. Jesus turned away those who followed him merely to get a loaf of bread.

    As you can tell I come from the priesthood side which usually is in no position to criticize based on the often berated priesthood lesson preparation and presentation. In the temple we see great beauty and perhaps there is much to be said for the environment of our classrooms to invite positive experiences. A common theme in the gospel is the idea of a feast and fat things so maybe we should enjoy a tasty treat. I should not judge another persons motives and just sit back and and enjoy the awesomeness of Relief Society but alas I can not attend Relief Society. Perhaps I suffer from Relief Society envy?

    I am not sure which part of my brain to believe.

    Any thoughts…. from a cynical, sourpuss, grumpy old man.

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