America the Beautiful

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We sang “America the Beautiful” for our closing hymn in Sacrament today. I always feel weird singing it since it seems to be an unofficial anthem of the United States. Granted, there really aren’t many non-patriotic hymns in the hymnal for Canadians to sing in honour of Canada Day. I guess it’s better than singing “Oh, Say Can You See”.

But did we have to stand to sing today?

I had to check the map when I got home to make sure I was still in Canada.

21 thoughts on “America the Beautiful

  1. It’s pretty normal to sing “America the Beautiful” in addition to “O, Canada” near Canada Day. Like I said, there aren’t many pro-Canada hymns in the hymnal.

    It’s not normal to stand for it. I believe that was the first time I ever stood for it.

  2. Last Sunday we were asked to stand to sing O Canada for the closing hymn (which was fine by me as it is the anthem) and your niece Rosaleen pipes up just as we end the song that adults should go back to school to learn the song as most of them had the books to read to sing it hehee And that she was only 6 and knew the song by heart!

  3. The funny thing is that “God Save the Queen” is in the hymnal (well, technically, it’s “God Save the King”). I don’t know why we can’t just sing that. I’d be more comfortable singing that than belting out “America! America!”

  4. That seems to be a common thing in Southern Alberta. I really don’t get it either.

    I also especially love Sacrament Meeting Raymond the Sunday after July 1. So many testimonies of the greatness of Raymond and being from Raymond. It’s weird if you ask me. I tend to lean towards testifying of the Savior myself when it comes to Sacrament Meeting. :0)

  5. Maybe “The Maple Leaf Forever”, Rebecca J? Or even a generic one; one that isn’t so pro-any-specific-country.

    Dawn, that’s what happens when you have four days of Raymond is AWESOME!

  6. How about something like “Ode to Joy” which celebrate the brotherhood of man. Granted it is a humanist/enlightenment song and already in use right now as the EU anthem…but something similar at least.

  7. I would like to see a general statement about using patriotic songs for your area when appropriate.

    But if that was ever written into the hymn book you would get some wards in America singing Toby Kieth.

  8. I’m rather surprised that it’s sung in a Canadian ward. I’ve always associated it more with the United States than with the American continents in general.

    In 1985, I was quite surprised that O Canada wasn’t included in the new hymn book. Perhaps it will be next time.

  9. It surprised me to learn Canadians sang this. Most associate it with The United States, and many find it to be a lovely song. Interesting point, though.

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