A Modest Proposal: Making More Hymns “Familiar”

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But I think there are simple things we can do to learn more hymns together. I suppose this post is a plea to choristers and Ward Music Chairs everywhere to consciously teach the “unfamiliar” hymns in their wards. This is how I do it when I get to be in charge in my ward:

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One thought on “A Modest Proposal: Making More Hymns “Familiar”

  1. I live in a ward, but a small ward, and not in an area densely populated with LDS. Our biggest challenge is finding people with the musical skills and talents to support everyone knowing all the hymns. Often the pianist or organist has a limited repertoire because some hymns are more difficult to play than others.

    If you want to increase music in the church I think we should all send our kids to piano and voice lessons.

    That said the power of the hymns is not all in the technical abilities of the accompanist and the choir. Sincere, heartfelt, attentive singing can have an impact on the singer even with the poorest of abilities.

    If we were more enthusiastic in our music would that make our meetings more full of the spirit and reverent or would electric guitars and drums detract from something?

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