Why Are Mormon Church Meetings So Dull? – Flunking Sainthood

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A couple of years ago I read the memoir Sundays in America by Suzanne Strempek Shea, a Massachusetts novelist. The author’s project was to attend a different religious service every weekend and write about her initial impressions.

I felt that it was unfair to judge a faith tradition based on a single snapshot, when so much of religious life happens during the other days of the week. That said, what Shea concluded about Mormonism was spot on: the only thing non-Mormons needed to fear about Mormonism was that Mormons would bore the world’s population to death.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to make us realize the truth about ourselves. This author nailed the fact that our sacrament meetings are beyond dull; they are stultifying. She certainly had no desire to return. And really, who could blame her?

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6 thoughts on “Why Are Mormon Church Meetings So Dull? – Flunking Sainthood

  1. Good point. I’d have to agree. Often I go, get extremely bored, want to leave, and bolt out for the next meeting as soon as Sacrament Meeting is over.

    But if I don’t go to Sacrament Meeting, I feel much, much worse. Weird.

  2. I read her Mormon church experience. I was quite satisfied. If we were looking for entertainment in church, perhaps it was a failure. However, four teenagers were asked to give talks and they did. Isn’t that great? When you care about kids and their development it is great to see them have that opportunity.
    She only stayed for sacrament meeting. I would have loved to hear how Sunday School and Relief Society would have gone for her!

  3. Seems pretty much spot on to me!! Sacrament Meeting is often quite boring. I agree with the ‘we’re not there to be entertained’. However, I think her comment about NOT expecting spiritual manifestations is a good point too. I have often wondered why we hear these amazing stories of miracles and spiritual manifestations, people speaking in tongues and more – but we sure don’t hear of that these days very much. Maybe she’s right….
    When we don’t truly expect God to show up, is it any wonder when He doesn’t?

    Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/flunkingsainthood/2010/07/five-reasons-why-mormon-church-meetings-are-the-dullest-youll-find-anywhere.html#ixzz0uA5iDxTb

  4. Consider this talk. A. Roger Merrill, “To Be Edified and Rejoice Together,” Ensign, Jan 2007, 64–69

    If you find a Church class or a sacrament meeting boring, does that say more about the teacher—or about you?

    Consider the response of President Spencer W. Kimball (1895–1985) when someone once asked him, “What do you do if you find yourself caught in a boring sacrament meeting?” President Kimball thought a moment, then replied, “I don’t know; I’ve never been in one.” With his long years of Church experience, President Kimball had undoubtedly been to many meetings where people had read their talks, spoken in a monotone, or given travelogues instead of teaching doctrine. But most likely, President Kimball was teaching that he did not go to sacrament meeting to be entertained; he went to worship the Lord, renew his covenants, and be taught from on high. If he attended with an open heart, a desire to be “nourished by the good word of God” (Moroni 6:4), and a prayer—rather than judgment—for the speakers, the Spirit would teach him what he needed to do to be a more effective and faithful disciple. President Kimball was teaching the principle of learning by the Spirit.

  5. I’m curious… if Mormons are the most boring, then what is on the other end of the spectrum – which is the most exciting?

    I’m really interested in finding out.

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