Does science strengthen our faith or threaten it?

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The conflict between science and religion is generally overstated. But it is certainly true that science is the matrix that most people of our day — believers or not — use as the basis for understanding the natural world we live in. Atheists and agnostics stop there; believers add a supplemental layer of faith to their view of the universe that includes a doctrine or idea of God and that reflects a view or theory of how God acts (or doesn’t act) in the natural world. So does science strengthen our faith or threaten it? Is it easier or tougher to be a believer in the age of modern science than, say, the time of Hellenistic philosophy and paganism or the early modern era of demonology and witch-hunts?

via Dave’s Mormon Inquiry: God and Science

3 thoughts on “Does science strengthen our faith or threaten it?

  1. Based on at least one study out there, among LDS scientists, it strengthens their faith.


    That is the title of a new book, now available on that explores the latest scientific discoveries for a closer walk with God.

    Light shows us what the firmament looked like 12 billion years ago.Light lasts forever. Light holds and stores in its memory everything it sees. Light remembers us!

    Mattter changes into endless new forms. We are made of matter. We change too!

    Science and religion are a partnership both searching for truth.

  3. One thing that bothers me about the modern age is we all think we are are so enlightened because we can use an ipod. However when you get down to it very few of us actually understand the sciences, be it math, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Our blind faith in scientists makes them no more reliable than a priest. Many moderns claim to have unfailing confidence in evolution… for example do not really understand the theory. Many scientists fail to study the documents and tenets of faith so by their own criteria of the scientific method they can no say much about religion because they have not done any experimenting as Alma would say. Some science seems to contradict the bible but an associated problem is sometimes we assume the bible says things that it does not say. For example the earth was created in 7 days may not mean it was created in 168 hours.

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