Every ward has member dealing with same-gender issues

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LDS family services estimates there a 4-5 members in each ward that are dealing with same-gender issues. They say most of those are married, with children.

via Faith-Promoting Rumor » LDS Family Services on Same-Sex Attraction in the Church

One thought on “Every ward has member dealing with same-gender issues

  1. Recently in our ward a speaker referred to homosexuality as an heinous sin. I would have been offended by what he said if his tone had not been so hateful. In my opinion, the spirit left when he said that. Others thought it was the greatest talk they had ever heard. In my opinion, when we speak about such issues in public we should try to speak the truth but avoid being hateful, intolerant, or judgmental. Compassion is so important for many whose feelings are tender : the single, the mentally ill, those with same gender attraction, the part member family, the childless, the widows, those struggling with testimony, those with serious trials, the repenting, those with children who wander, those on church assistance.

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