How to Date a Mormon Boy

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eHow has the scoop on how to date a Mormon boy. I especially like that they declare the difficulty as “easy”.

From their list:

  • 5. Keep your breath fresh. Don’t drink or smoke around him as he’ll find that unattractive.
  • 6. Have fun with the old-fashioned courtesy. He’ll come to your door to pick you up, prepared to meet your parents. Wait for him to open all your doors for you. Stay in the car so he can come around and open the door. Let him pay for the entire evening’s activities.

I’m traditional, in that I like to open doors, but I’m not sure I’ve ever opened the door for a date when we’re already in the car and she’s ready to get out—that is just a bit much. Other than that, the list seems like fairly good advice.

Someone should write one on how to date ex-mormons.


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