Mothers of the scriptures, where art thou?

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It goes almost without fail that if someone stands up to give a Sacrament talk on Mother’s Day, s/he will use the story of the 2000 Stripling Warriors as a scriptural support for amazing mothers.

This kind of bugs me though.

There are several mothers in the scriptures who we can use as example in our own lives, whose actions and character mirror that of Jesus.

Here are a couple.

Eve’s desire for knowledge eventually resulted in our becoming mortal. Rebecca was an example of charity and hard work. Rachel showed us the virtue of patience. Mary, the mother of Jesus, had a simple faith and was determined to do the Lord’s will no matter the cost. Sariah was convinced of the power of the Lord.

Why is it we never hear about these great examples on Mother’s Day?

4 thoughts on “Mothers of the scriptures, where art thou?

  1. In my ward we are so busy using conference talks for sacrament meeting that no one spoke on Mothers at all. It was a good meeting but it was only slightly less shocking than what happened at Easter. No one would over look Christmas?

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