Esotericism and the Mormon temple

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I am taking a Mormonism class this summer as part of my university studies. One of our assignments is to write a 10–12 page report on an aspect of Mormonism. On Monday, we talked about the similarities of esoteric traditions and how many of them have carried over into (or parallel) symbolism and practice in Mormon temples.

This fascinated me, and I have decided this is the direction I want to take my paper.

Does anyone have any suggestions on more specific threads in this area or places to look?

6 thoughts on “Esotericism and the Mormon temple

  1. David Larsen over at the blog “heavenly ascents” could probably help you more. For now I would look at Hugh Nibley’s “Temple and the Cosmos”. Best wishes.

  2. I would recommend the blog “Temple Study” for anyone interested in this stuff. I have found it extremely fascinating after reading a lot on ancient ritual.

  3. There was an article in Sunstone about 25 years ago entitled “Where are all the All-seeing Eyes” (or something to that effect). I remember it being very good in discussing early LDS temple symbolism.

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