2 LDS branch presidents in Utah deported

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Her husband, Manuel Antonio Carias-Odonez, who had been president of the LDS Church’s South Cache Spanish-speaking branch, was deported to his native Guatemala on Monday.

via 2 LDS branch presidents in Utah deported to Guatemala, El Salvador | Deseret News.

3 thoughts on “2 LDS branch presidents in Utah deported

  1. This makes me want to pull my hair out. Lawfully, we must enforce our borders, but these people are brothers in the Church and in humanity! In God’s world, there are no nations, there are no borders, but we are living in Man’s world at the moment, and we must abide by the law.

    Is there no winning here?

  2. Does being honest in all your dealings not apply to immigration law? Because you’re a branch president you shouldn’t be deported if you’re living in a country illegally?

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