Murder or defense of country

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This past week some of us got talking about murder (in reference to the Casey Edwards case). We talked about whether or not, Christ forgives ALL sins including murder and especially the murder of a child. Then we went on to discuss wars. We all agreed that armed forces personnel and Police etc that are there to defend their cities and countries would probably be forgiven for their breaking of that commandment. But what of those soldiers are at war right now but NOT in their own country but in another continent. It is not their war, we are not at war with them, so are they added to the forgiveness or is this considered out and out murder?

When or if ever is that fine line drawn in the sand where it is an out and out murder with no chance of forgiveness?

4 thoughts on “Murder or defense of country

  1. nice info and basically it is real responsibility for all the nation of country that people let the know about how is going and may be he can save.

  2. The cool thing about being judged by God instead of humans is that God knows our thoughts, desires, and state of mind, and he understand the entire picture of our individual circumstances.

  3. I am not sure that one could really be dismissed of the sin or forgiven for a matter such as the Casey Edwards case. I think that it may have happened by accident but it doesn’t excuse the cover up.

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