Jeffs gets life in prison while rapists get slap on wrist

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By now, I am sure most of our readers have heard Warren Jeffs, the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has been sentenced to life imprisonment sexually assaulting two minors.

What I wonder though is why Jeffs has to be in prison for life for having consensual sex with two underage girls while men who violently beat and rape their wives/girlfriends are out in just a few years (if convicted at all).

Sure, I know the first reaction of our readers will likely be, “Consensual?! Are you freaking kidding me?” Of course, I recognize that even if these children were consensual, they have been raised in a community from when they were little to be expected to become a plural wife. Some might call this brainwashing.

Regardless, the point of my post isn’t to determine whether what Jeffs did was with actual, objective consent; my point is why much more violent acts are treated much more lightly in our society.

6 thoughts on “Jeffs gets life in prison while rapists get slap on wrist

  1. Kim,

    The primary issue is not consent. It is proof.

    With most domestic violence, victims often fail to report or refuse to testify. At best, often, it is word of the victim against the offender. Even if there is injury, the claim is that it was a mutual fight. Without a video . .

    With Jeffs, the evidence was immense — DNA, tapes, etc.

    The problem is not society. It is the quality of the evidence.

      1. Seriously? I think what he did was quite violent and awful and rape. How is tying down a young girl and raping her not count as “violent”?????

        1. Based on the accounts I have read, this is far less violent than other incidents, yet received a more severe penalty.

          Once again, my point isn’t that Jeffs received too heavy of a sentence; my point is that others committing more violent crimes receive lighter sentences.

  2. Kim,

    In my state, violent rapists serve long sentences. The ones who don’t are primarily a result of the evidentiary issues I noted.

    1. Good. I just wish that was more widespread.

      Keep in mind that I was making a distinction between violence and rape, or in other words physical violence and sexual violence.

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