Are men and women opposites?

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The other day, my children and I were discussing as part of our supper conversation opposites. You know, like, hot and cold, hard and soft, light and dark.

I asked them what the opposite of “man” is, and immediately, they answered, “Woman!”

But I wonder, are men and women opposites? They don’t look like opposites; anatomically, they are more similar than different. They don’t act like opposites; they do a lot of the same things.

Some might say, oh, but women are more spiritual. But if a woman is kind, does that mean a man is unkind? If a woman is soft-spoken, does that mean a man is angry?

Some might say, oh, but men are stronger and faster. Even if that is true, that isn’t the same as saying a man is strong and woman is weak or a man is fast and a woman is slow.

Frankly, I don’t see how men and women can be considered opposites in any way.

7 thoughts on “Are men and women opposites?

  1. I think men and women may look at things from different angles and take different approaches but they are not opposites. I tend to think it’s more of complimenting each other than as completely different from each other.

  2. My wife and I are opposites. Is that bad? We are like sweet and sour sauce.

    The chips in your computer are made up of two kinds of transistors, N and P, that operate in a complementary (that’s why it’s called CMOS) fashion. They are opposites. One kind pushes, the other kind pulls. Both are needed to make your computer work. Sometimes people are like that too.

  3. I wouldn’t say men and women are opposites – other than they are ‘opposite’ sexes, or that some people say that ‘opposites’ attract.

    Just as the ‘heads’ and the ‘tails’ of a coin are opposites, they are still part of the same coin.

    Men and women come together as one…they are two complimentary pieces – but not opposites.

  4. My Woman is my other half rather than my opposite, we are the same in so many ways but compliment each other in the ways we arn’t

  5. they said “opposite attract” so are to men and women, but i think why men and women is opposite because of the GENDER that’s why its opposite.

  6. I think I prefer “complements” to opposites. Like yellow and purple, green and red, orange and blue. They’re “opposite” each other on a color wheel, but we call them complementary. Men and women come together to form something complete as a couple.

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