New calling: seminary teacher

About a month ago, I was set apart as a seminary teacher. Technically, I am a substitute teacher, filling in for the full-time teachers when they are out of town, sick, etc. Even though we aren’t even a month into the school year, I already taught this week and last week, and starting Monday, I will be teaching for 3.5 weeks.

It’s been a good experience so far, but I have to say I know now what I and my friends put our seminary teachers through.

If anyone is interested, here are the callings I have had since I was married in 1995:

  • elders quorum second counsellor
  • elders quorum president
  • ward mission leader
  • stake mission secretary
  • young men president
  • ward clerk
  • elders quorum president
  • Gospel Doctrine instructor
  • executive secretary
  • seminary teacher

Nope. No ward bulletin editor.

Alabama Judge Gives Criminals Choice: Go to Jail or Go to Church | NBC San Diego

A small-town judge in Alabama is giving non-violent offenders a choice at sentencing: go to jail or go to church.Under a program dubbed “Operation Restore Our Community,” the city judge in Bay Minette lets misdemeanor offenders serve time and pay a fine or go to church every Sunday for a year, according to If offenders choose church, they can pick the place of worship as long as they check in weekly with the pastor and police. After a year of Sundays in the pew, the offenders case will be dismissed.

via NBC San Diego.