Avril Lavigne experiencing dwindling Canadian crowds

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“Avril’s mellow new album is, in effect, an attempt at reinvention and so far it hasn’t worked,” said Jeff Burlingame, the author of “Avril Lavigne: Celebrity With Heart.”

Oh, right. Because success as a musician has nothing to do with creativity, art, or introspection; it has only to do with record sales and concert attendance.

Read the rest of the article at Let go: Avril Lavigne experiencing dwindling Canadian crowds, sales – News1130.

One thought on “Avril Lavigne experiencing dwindling Canadian crowds

  1. For Avril, the dwindling crowds might not matter much. For her agent and everyone else who makes “collateral earnings” from her artistic career, it probably matters. I would think that even the most level-headed of us might respond to a perceived dwindling popularity by asking ourselves “What am I doing wrong?” The answer to that may very well be “absolutely nothing”, but if you’re only in it for the money and the fame, then there might be a completely different answer to the question.

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