3 essential signals

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According to Thomas S. Monson, the three essential signals of the Lord’s lighthouse are:

  1. Believe
  2. Obey
  3. Endure

4 thoughts on “3 essential signals

  1. I don’t know, Kim, it’s like the forget me not talk. I think the general authorities are just like the rest of us, trying to think of something to talk about and hey! That’s catchy! These kinds of talks don’t motivate or inspire me, though.

    1. I agree. Then again, how many talks do you remember from October conference? I think one of the reasons they do this is to help us remember. I’m not sure how successful they are though. I have a hard time remembering. I certainly don’t envy the job of the First Presidency having to come up with 3 or 4 talks every conference and trying to make each one new. I wonder sometimes if Joseph Smith had that part of the job easier than today’s prophets.

  2. I remember Elder Hallstrom’s talk and Elder Baxter’s talk, but you’re right, not too many others. I would HATE to have to speak that much. But I get bored with those cutesy talks. Seriously, Kim, I have ADD and it’s hard to sit through any body talking.

    1. I know the feeling. I have never been diagnosed with ADD, but I do have a hard time focusing, especially when listening to boring speakers/teachers.

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