Should Mormons be vegetarians?

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From a logical perspective, Foster explained that killing animals causes them harm, and it is morally wrong to cause something harm unless the benefits outweigh the harm caused. But he feels that raising animals for food causes more harm than benefits, and therefore killing and eating animals is morally wrong.

via Hard News Cafe » Blog Archive » Should Mormons be vegetarians? Yes, says guest speaker.

4 thoughts on “Should Mormons be vegetarians?

  1. I would agree that the way we currently raise and slaughter animals causes great harm. I would suggest that we don’t have to do it the way we currently do it.

    Isaiah suggests that during the millennium lions and bears will be vegetarians and I would expect that we will be vegetarians too.

    I would not feel comfortable forbidding others to eat meat but surely we can eat meat sparingly, and avoid waste by eating only the best cuts. Some eat head to tail.

    I personally would find becoming a vegetarian difficult. I was raised on hamburger and pot roast on Sundays. My wife has made a conscious effort away from red meat and to include more fish. She also likes to cook with beans and lentils. Sometimes I make secret stops at Burger King and such.

  2. Obviously it wouldn’t. I write these things at work and sometimes I get interrupted and lose my train of thought. We should eat all cuts and not waste the animal we have slaughtered.

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