I’m starting my second round of abstaining from red meat

Last year was my first year abstaining from red meat for the entire summer. With the temperature reaching 29° C today and forecasted to remain above 20° for the foreseeable future, I think it’s time I start my second round.

The way I see it, a strict interpretation of D&C 89:12–13 is like a Mormon version of Lent. I actually don’t mind it; although it can be a hassle for others who like to cook roasts or use ground meat in meals.

One of the benefits is I don’t have a greasy aftertaste in my mouth after the ward Pioneer Picnic.

Singing in Sacrament Meeting

A sister in our ward sang in our Sacrament meeting with her daughter and granddaughters. One of her granddaughters is hearing impaired, and her singing involved signing the song. This was the second time I have seen her sign with a group of singers and both times I have found it inspiring. The way she moves her hands and arms is so rhythmical and fluid, it adds another dimension to the song. You can actually see what the song sounds like.

LDS Church buys property from Community of Christ

“The Church recently acquired operating farmland and several other non-farmland properties located in Missouri and Ohio from the Community of Christ,” LDS Church spokesperson Scott Trotter said. “Non-farm sites include the Haun’s Mill and the Far West Burying Ground in Missouri as well as the Joseph Smith Sr. home in Kirtland, Ohio.”

via Deseret News.