LDS Church buys property from Community of Christ

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“The Church recently acquired operating farmland and several other non-farmland properties located in Missouri and Ohio from the Community of Christ,” LDS Church spokesperson Scott Trotter said. “Non-farm sites include the Haun’s Mill and the Far West Burying Ground in Missouri as well as the Joseph Smith Sr. home in Kirtland, Ohio.”

via Deseret News.

8 thoughts on “LDS Church buys property from Community of Christ

  1. That’s good news. Hopefully the church can do some road work out at Haun’s Mill. I was out there a few weeks ago, and was reminded as to why I rarely go out there. Had I been in a car there is no way I would have made it without getting stuck.

  2. I wonder why they agreed to sell. I always understood that they didn’t want us to have any of their properties.

  3. Kind of reading between the lines. We bought 6,000 acres of farmland as well as the sites we probably wanted. I am sure they needed the money. We try to maintain good relations with them. I am sure we are hoping to buy the Kirtland Temple in the future. I feel sorry for them.

  4. Now if we can just get the rest of our rightly owned property finally so we can have the Kirtland Temple back, and get a temple built in Independence…. The CoC only has historical interest in the stuff. They no longer have theological interest in it.

    1. The CoC doesn’t own the temple lot in Independence. We do own the temple lot in Far West but there’s no temple there.

  5. They should build a basketball court at Haun’s Mill, so we can have “massacres” on a regular basis.

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