Singing in Sacrament Meeting

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A sister in our ward sang in our Sacrament meeting with her daughter and granddaughters. One of her granddaughters is hearing impaired, and her singing involved signing the song. This was the second time I have seen her sign with a group of singers and both times I have found it inspiring. The way she moves her hands and arms is so rhythmical and fluid, it adds another dimension to the song. You can actually see what the song sounds like.

3 thoughts on “Singing in Sacrament Meeting

  1. It truly was beautiful and I was glad to be a part of it. I found I was watching her more then I was listening to the song!! It was very fluid in motion and not at all stiff and choppy like some interpreters I have seen. I am glad I was a part of it

  2. This is kind of off the subject, Kim, but it’s not controversial. I cannot sing. I am tone deaf. But I love to sing! And I love to lead the music, so I’ve had those callings (the bishop used to crack up during sacrament meeting at my singing, how funny, huh?). I lead the music in Relief Society, too, which was so fun. But nobody looked at me! I mentioned to a sister I could do anything I wanted with my hands and nobody would notice. To prove my point, I just waved out the cursive alphabet during the next song. Yup. Nobody noticed. No, that sister did. And another who said, “I just thought you were doing your normal crazy thing.”

    But people who sign, their hands are like graceful birds.

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