I’m starting my second round of abstaining from red meat

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Last year was my first year abstaining from red meat for the entire summer. With the temperature reaching 29° C today and forecasted to remain above 20° for the foreseeable future, I think it’s time I start my second round.

The way I see it, a strict interpretation of D&C 89:12–13 is like a Mormon version of Lent. I actually don’t mind it; although it can be a hassle for others who like to cook roasts or use ground meat in meals.

One of the benefits is I don’t have a greasy aftertaste in my mouth after the ward Pioneer Picnic.

5 thoughts on “I’m starting my second round of abstaining from red meat

  1. You say a strict interpretation of D&C 89:12-13. I would be curious if you have any strong feelings about any or all of the questions below.

    Does that mean you eat animal products like eggs and dairy?

    The scripture doesn’t mention fish unless you classify fish as beasts? Do you eat fish? Would you consider insects O.K. to eat? Would you eat insects?

    D&C 89:12-13 says “fowls of the air”. What about flightless fowls? do you make any allowance for them. (Are chicken’s flightless?)

    Have you ever heard this strict interpretation of the Word of Wisdom from any General Authority?

    Do you find any support in the Old Testament dietary laws to support this position?

    Did you notice any benefits physical or spiritual during round one?

    Do you feel impressed that this is important for you spiritually, is it an intellectual exercise, or is it a desire to be obedient in all things?

    Why do you think the Lord’s gives this counsel discouraging eating meat except during times of famine, hunger or winter?

    1. Yes, I eat eggs and dairy since I don’t believe they classify as flesh. Yes, I also make allowance for fish and flightless birds.

      I have never heard or read a general authority taking this position. For teh most part, it is my opinion that most general authorites gloss over the Word of Wisdom after verse 9.

      I don’t think there is any connection between the Word of Wisdom and dietary restrictions of the Mosaic law.

      I didn’t notice any specific benefits; although, I was glad not to have a unquenchable thirst (from seasoned meat) after the ward BBQ last July.

      As I outlined in last year’s post, which I linked to above, I think it is about being obedient in all things.

      I have no idea why the Lord prohibited some meats in famine, winter, and cold.

  2. Bill and I are not eating near as much red meat as we used to, not on purpose, it just doesn’t appeal as much. I think it’s the aging process and our health issues. I used to crave it and Bill was a big meat and potatoes man, but not so much anymore. I think “meat sparingly” is probably a good idea. (Putting aside the whole revelation thing :))

    My first husband used to call me “garbage gut” because I just sort of pieced on food—-or junk food—all day long. I could eat anything. Now, though, I have to watch salt (which I love) and sugar.

    Crud, I wanted to be the old lady who ate bacon, lettuce and avocado sandwiches with my extra large coke.

    1. We have never ate much meat to begin with. We can go days without having meat as part of any meal.

      Bacon, lettuce, and avocado sandwiches sound awesome.

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