Limits on number of prayers

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When I was elders quorum president, occasionally when I asked someone to say a prayer, he would respond by saying that he already said a prayer in Sunday School.

Is there a limit to how many prayers we can offer in a day?

5 thoughts on “Limits on number of prayers

  1. Some people have a limit to the number of thoughtful prayers the can offer in a day without feeling like they aren’t being authentic. Rather than being judgmental, respect his wishes and don’t make him feel like he isn’t welcome because of his choice on praying.

  2. Hmm, sounds like something kids would complain about. None of my kids like to pray more than their fair share. However, a charitable explanation is that praying in public is an act of service that requires effort and for some people it requires a lot of effort. Just like teaching a lesson or giving a talk. Of course there is no limit on how much you can serve, but sometimes there can feel like a limit on how much you can serve willingly, how much you can speak without repeating yourself, or how much people are going to want to listen to you, how much you can serve without being resentful that you are being overtaxed. I am usually happy to serve, but occasionally if I feel I have been asked to do a few too many things I say no so that I don’t become resentful.
    My son finds it difficult to pray in public and like many language oriented things it is something he hasn’t just picked up on and he has needed extra coaching.
    Praying in public is not a big deal to me, but I have social anxiety in other areas and I find I only have a certain amount of willpower to power through tough things.

    1. The people I was talking about did not seem to have any anxiety issued with praying in public, teaching, or speaking. In fact, many of them would still pray despite having just told me they had already prayed in the previous class. There were some people in our quorum who would not pray, but they didn’t pray at all, not even in the previous class.

      It just seems like an odd thing for a person to say when that person has no problems speaking in public.

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