Conducting a small sacrament meeting

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I was recently asked to oversee the sacrament meeting at a local seniors residence. We have about half a dozen members living there, who are unable to make it to church.

Today was the first day.

I forgot we needed tablecloths until right before we were about to leave, so I spent 15 minutes looking for one. I finally found it, but when we arrived, I realized I forgot to bring the programmes I had grabbed from our regular sacrament meeting.

The room where we meet is tiny, so there is no room for a piano or keyboard. We were about to sing a capella, but as I was bringing up the hymn on my iPhone, I realized it actually has music. It was nice we could have accompaniment. One of the benefits of living in 2013.

The room was warm, so it was a bit uncomfortable. I kind of stumbled through things as well. I think as time goes on, all will run smoothly.

My 12-year-old son came with me, and he passed the sacrament. I was able to bless the water (it’s been a long time), and Bishop Renaud blessed the bread.

The entire meeting was less than half an hour, and was kind of nice.