Happy 10th anniversary!

So I completely missed a major milestone this year: in July, Our Thoughts hit our 10 year mark. In that time, we have had over 1700 posts and have attracted over 19,000 comments. We are the oldest, non-defunct group blog in the Bloggernacle, and one of the oldest Bloggernacle blogs in general.

Thanks for all the support over the years everyone.

Does modern revelation tie into Jesus’s teachings

I think most people can agree with the definition of Christian to be one who follows the teachings of Christ. Mormons ascribe to this definition.

Mormons believe in the teachings of Christ in the Bible, but they also believe that teachings of Jesus are found in the Book of Mormon and in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Arguing that Mormons are not Christian is tenuous, given the weight Christ’s teachings receive in the church.

That being said, we have a unique aspect to our church: we believe in continuing revelation.

As I was thinking about the idea of Jesus’s teachings in the Mormon church and continuing revelation, a question came to mind:

Will modern revelation always be based on Jesus’s teachings, or can prophets receive doctrine that Jesus never spoke about?