Will we have belly buttons when we’re resurrected?

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Since belly buttons are technically scars, will we all be belly button free after we’re resurrected?

9 thoughts on “Will we have belly buttons when we’re resurrected?

  1. The resurrected Christ had the scars from the nails in his hands and feet. Is that because resurrected beings retain the scars and disfigurements of their mortal bodies or because resurrected beings can choose how their bodies appear? If so, would you choose to keep your belly button?

  2. So, if Christ could choose to keep his scars, will we be able to choose to keep our belly buttons?

    1. It’s possible, I suppose, but I doubt it. Jesus had power over death (which we don’t), so perhaps he had power over the effects of the resurrection, too.

  3. The idea that we will have no more or even less control over the appearance of our body after we’re resurrected than we have now is very odd to me. It’s all speculation, of course, but to me it’s very odd to think that we wouldn’t be able to effect some change in our physical appearance. Right now I have some control over my physical appearance through diet, exercise, sun exposure, hair trimming, skin and hair products, etc., and even through artificial means such as dyeing or surgery. To think that I could do no more to change my resurrected body seems unnatural.

    1. Your theory is just as plausible as any others. How do you suppose that works into Alma’s claim that “all things shall be restored to their proper and perfect frame”?

  4. I believe Alma’s understanding of the resurrected body was no different than anyone else’s – he understood that it would happen but any details about it are mere speculation. And what exactly is the proper and perfect frame? What or who determines that? Our current frame is determined by our DNA which is passed down from our parents. Will our resurrected bodies be based on the DNA sequence of our mortal bodies? I kind of doubt that but who knows. Some people have a pretty perfect moral frame but others are far from it so unless we believe that our resurrected bodies will have the same physical deformities that our mortal bodies have, I think we can rule out mortal DNA as the blueprint of our resurrected body. Which brings us back to the question of who or what determines is our proper and perfect frame?

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