Proving the church through archaeology

During our lesson today, our elders quorum instructor shared an experience her had before his mission when he was in a university archaeology class.

On the first day of class, his professor asked all the Mormons to identify themselves, then he proceeded to use archaeological evidence to disprove the church.

I believe this is a flawed approach.

The subtitle of the Book of Mormon isn’t Another Testament of the Pyramids in the Americas. It’s Another Testament of Jesus Christ

The point of the Book of Mormon isn’t about the establishment of an ancient American civilization; it’s that Jesus’s gospel is universal.

Mormons have brought it upon themselves, I believe, by trying to project archaeological findings onto the Book of Mormon. That’s a dangerous practice because if that evidence is refuted by additional research, where does it leave the church?

In my opinion, we should be less concerned about trying to prove the church is true and more concerned about proving that the gospel can change lives and make people better.

New calling: Gospel Doctrine teacher

This past Sunday, I was sustained as a Gospel Doctrine teacher. I’m excited about it.

This is my second time around. Last time was 5 years ago, after I was released as elders quorum president. I was looking forward to the following year, when we would be studying Old Testament. Unfortunately, it was short lived; I was released after only 8 months so I could serve as executive secretary.

Luckily, this year, we’re studying the Old Testament this year, and we still have the majority of the year left, so I can get a pretty good OT fix this year. I’m also looking forward to teaching the Gospels next year.

I love public speaking, but the next best thing is being able to teach. :)

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  • elders quorum president
  • ward mission leader
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  • elders quorum president
  • Gospel Doctrine instructor
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