New calling: Gospel Doctrine teacher

This past Sunday, I was sustained as a Gospel Doctrine teacher. I’m excited about it.

This is my second time around. Last time was 5 years ago, after I was released as elders quorum president. I was looking forward to the following year, when we would be studying Old Testament. Unfortunately, it was short lived; I was released after only 8 months so I could serve as executive secretary.

Luckily, this year, we’re studying the Old Testament this year, and we still have the majority of the year left, so I can get a pretty good OT fix this year. I’m also looking forward to teaching the Gospels next year.

I love public speaking, but the next best thing is being able to teach. :)

  • elders quorum second counsellor
  • elders quorum president
  • ward mission leader
  • stake mission secretary
  • young men president
  • ward clerk
  • elders quorum president
  • Gospel Doctrine instructor
  • executive secretary
  • seminary teacher
  • stake website editor


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