Exploring baptism in EQ

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In elders quorum class today, we had a great discussion about baptism.

The instructor started off by noting that the topic of baptism seems basic and hard to delve into, but I think our discussion disproved that position.

He started off asking the class to share how their view regarding baptism now compares to our view of it when we were baptized. Several of us shared our thoughts, and it was interesting that all who did were baptized at 8 years old.

Common throughout the comments was the idea that no one really understood with much depth what they were promising to do, that it was a simple understanding. The in-depth understanding came later.

We then explored for a significant portion of the class the idea if understanding coming at a later date. During that exploration, we discussed the following concepts:

Being born again happens twice: at baptism and an undetermined point in life when we are converted.

If baptism (by water or fire) is like birth, then the conversion process is like the embryonic stage of development.

Sanctification comes not at baptism but through the Holy Ghost.

Just as we don’t abandon babies just born, we shouldn’t spiritually abandon new converts.

Satan cannot tempt young children.

Jesus being our father.

I love our elders quorum.