6 poems about faith crisis

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I just found out yesterday that this month is #OctPoWriMo (October Poetry Writing Month), a play on #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which occurs every November.

Coincidentally, I’ve written 6 new poems over the last few weeks. I had planned to write only one poem, but it started to go in a different direction. I knew that I had to write another. Then another. And another.

Then Gina Colvin interviewed Lindsay Hansen Park on A Thoughtful Faith in an episode called “Critiquing Progressive Mormonism”, and all of a sudden, I had loads of ideas for future poems.

What started out as a single poem about my recent faith crisis has morphed into a series. So far, I have just 6, but I plan to write a few more exploring various aspects of faith crisis, especially in a Mormon context.

Anyhow, I wanted to share what I’ve written so far, so here they are (with a brief summary of each). Keep in mind that I typically like to use a lot of symbolism, some of it subtle and some of it obvious. See if you can find all the symbols I’ve used.

The Dying Fire

The Dying Fire is a poem that explores my faith history up until the policy change last November. It’s fitting that it was the first poem because it sets the stage for the others.

As Years Crawl By

As Years Crawl By highlights the parallel between erosion and faith crisis.


Confrication compares faith crisis with the idea of friction, and Newton’s third law of motion.

Flying to Space

Flying to Space illustrates the struggle of desiring to and trying to live in two worlds.

Familiar Dance

Familiar Dance delves into the idea of finding good in what is typically seen as bad, and vice versa.

Fall of the Mountain

Fall of the Mountain was inspired by a recent temple experience (well, my four most recent temple experiences).

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to include your thoughts on the symbolism I used.

Check out my Faith crisis poetry page to see new poems I’ll be adding in the future.

2 thoughts on “6 poems about faith crisis

  1. Interesting. I do see what you mean about imagery and symbolism. I don’t think most Latter-day Saints are not very good with the poetry in the bible. Most look to the psalms merely as proof texts. I wonder if you might find any inspiration in the Psalms?

    In some respects your poems remind me of King David who faced an uncertain future but remembered fondly his glory days. He pleads “create in me a clean heart” but it never really seems to happen for David. He is flying to space or a dying fire.

    David’s joyous dance before the Lord raised some disapproving glances from the people which turns into a familiar dance. David experienced a fall of the mountain, in that he wanted to build the temple, but was ultimately not allowed to do so.

    In the past you mention that scripture reading has no power for you anymore. I find that hard to believe, that a person of your skills and background in the English language and drama can not find the symbols and imagery and stories of scripture of some interest.

    I think poetry is extremely cathartic, or something. It helps one focus on where their core is at. I imagine as you read these poems back you get a good sense where you are at right now. I hope it brings you some clarity. You might be on to something….

    1. I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

      Right now, I’m reading through the Gospels, hopefully getting insight in how to love others. When I’m done that, I’m going to study Isaiah. I’d really like to deepen my understanding of his poetic writings.

      I think in some ways, poetry has been cathartic for me. Maybe it forces me to examine issues more deeply.

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